Book an Introductory Course and see if Kane Academy can help you!

We have a variety of age specific programs available so that we can help people to the best of our ability.

We run 4 week Introductory courses for new pupils. The booking links can be found on each page.

We also do Inductions by appointment so that family’s can come and see the facility.

We do small group bookings for bubbles of 6. Get in touch is this is something your interested in.




Tiny Tigers is a fun and themed program that introduces Martial Arts to ages 3-6 years. Rebecca Kane’s Tiger program is unique to Kane Academy. It helps pupils develop balance, coordination and listening skills that parents often struggle with.



At Kane Academy Huddersfield we have a family friendly atmosphere even in our Teen and Adult sessions. Pupils help each other to progress through our grading curriculum. There are no ego’s!



We understand it is hard for you as a parent to chose where to take your child due to the nature of Martial Arts. We have created age specific programme’s in order to give your child the best education.



We understand it is hard for you as a female to chose where to learn due to common misconseption’s around Martial Arts and the training entailed. You may hold the belief that it is a room full of testosterone pumped men wielding punches at each other. Sifu Rebecca has created an award winning Ladies only Program. We empower generations!


Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts is often seen in movies such as Batman, Bourne Identity, The Hunted, Bruce Lee’s movies and more. What is really special about Rebecca’s Lineage is that she is one of the Highest Graded Practitioners in the world as well as multiple time world and international champion in this art form. You will literally be able to learn from one of the best in the world.



Our Adult Kickboxing program is an amazing way to de stress from work and life. We run high intensity sessions that are guaranteed to help you get fitter and stronger as a Bi product. 



Often we have had requests from pupils in America, and Europe to learn via video. We have now created an online platform for our syllabuses. This is a great aid to help our pupils learn and progress to the next level. It is ideal for pupils who learn at our HQ and also from our new Virtual online school. The beauty is you can log in anywhere in the world.