The fitter the mind

The fitter the body

We believe that in order to transform your body you must also transform your mind as the two are intertwined.

This 12 week course guides pupils through a mindset and fitness program that will help learners have a more balanced and abundant life.

There will be the following;

Two own body weight fitness sessions per week that can be performed in the comfort of your living room. The lessons give you a martial arts flavour without going into too much detail yet at the same time leave you feeling empowered!

Weekly meditations to help get you in the zone.

Weekly Downloadable pdf worksheets that will help you set goals and work out what is getting in your way. Most of the time it is our mindset.


More courses coming soon! 

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Get fit with a martial arts twist!

Our course platform works on any device. Here's a quick link to one of our train at home bag blast courses for those that bought the gear but still have no idea!

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